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Bolognese sauce

It was born in Bologna, but it also tastes great on Polish tables. It adds a unique flavour and perfectly complements with many popular dishes. Thanks to its excellent consistency, it will become one of your favorite food supplements and will be in your kitchen forever.

Oceń produkt
High quality ingredients
Shelf-life guarantee
Perfectly seasoned
An exquisite flavour and consistency
No artificial: preservatives dyes or aromas additives
210 kJ
50 kcal
Nutritional value
w 100g DV
food energy 210 kJ
50 kcal
Fats incl. acids
saturated acids
< 0,9g
< 0,1g
< 1%
incl. sugars
protein 1,3g 3 %
salt 1,2g 20%
* DV – Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 kcal u 8400kJ diet.
Ingredients tomatoes (100 g per 100 g of product), water, sugar, modified corn starch, carrots, onions, salt, rapeseed oil, garlic, spices.
Dlaczego warto zjeść The sauce is rich in extremely healthy tomatoes, which contain even lycopene, an ingredient that inhibits the aging process. You can perfectly combine it not only with popular spaghetti, but also with lasagna or cannelloni.
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