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Traditional ready meals
For years, these popular flavours will bring back food memories that we miss so much. While our lives have changed, becoming more hectic and intense, we still can enjoy these flavours and several minutes upon heating the meal up, at that.
Ready complete meals
7 new meals with unique flavours from numerous vegetables, top quality meat and spices. This is an excellent, balanced meal for anyone, any day. You do not need to take our word for it, just taste them!
For consumers who appreciate strong foundations of distinct flavours, who stay open-minded and have an appetite for more. This is a basis for preparing your favourite meal.
Tomato products
They are definitely different with respect to the way of preparation, the ingredients and the taste. Thick, velvety and aromatic – simply unrivalled.
Fruit products
There are things hard to resist, among them the flavours we love since we can remember. There are sweet moments of relaxation ahead of you if you only give in to the temptation.
So little can make such a huge difference … When taste is concerned, we can find the best by combining distinct spices and ensuring a unique flavour of each bite.
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The numerous nutrients in tomato-based juice serve as valuable dietary supplements. When drinking tomato-based juice, we can relish the taste, at the same time providing our body with healthy energy.
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